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Clinical Supervision

The Cyber Shrink offers clinical supervision and clinical consultations.   Are you a therapist struggling with a difficult case?   Speak to one of our experienced clinical supervisors today.  

Expert consultation

The Cyber Shrink offers expert consultation and clinical supervision for therapists.   Our clinical supervisors each have more than a decade of experience and are recognized by their state licensing boards as qualified clinical supervisors.    

We can provide you consultation on cases and, in some cases, we can provide on-going clinical supervision for licensure. 

They Cyber Shrink
They Cyber Shrink

Experience matters

Each of our clinical supervisors have years of experience providing therapy and clinical supervision to therapists. 

Each of our supervisors maintain their supervisory skills by on-going education in the latest clinical supervision models and best practices. 

Continuing Education

Continuing education provided through The Cyber Shrink offers educational opportunities for healthcare professionals.  Our educational opportunities are provided through our HIPAA compliant chat and can be done in the convenience of your home or office at a cost that is usually lower than face-to-face seminars .   

Check out our continuing education offerings and join our mailing list to stay current with our offerings.

They Cyber Shrink

Learn from the very best

Are you a licensed therapist?   Join our supervision group.     The Cyber Shrink offers professionally licensed therapists a supervision group.  

Group Supervision

Join us for group supervision. This is a group for professional and licensed therapists only.