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Doing the right thing, always!

Healthcare Whistleblowers

How We
Can Help

Whistleblowers often face great adversity when determining to do the right thing.  

Whistleblowers are often instrumental in stopping patient abuse and billing fraud in healthcare settings.   

We can provide emotional support and ethical advice for whistleblowers.   

We are not a legal service so we are not able to advise you on your legal rights as a whistlblower.   

Supporting those who do the right thing

Stop patient abuse and fraud in healthcare

They Cyber Shrink

Patient abuse

Patient abuse comes in many forms.  It is truly sad how many licensed professionals can turn a blind eye to abuse or, worse, rationalize it and allow it to continue.

The under reporting of abuse in mental health facilities is another chronic problem.  


Billing Fraud

Is your agency participating in billing fraud? Billing fraud comes in many forms.

In hospital settings, patients are sometimes kept in the hospital simply because their insurance covers it.    Some hospital refer to releasing a patient before their insurance days are used as “days on the table;” implying that money is left of the table by sending a patient home.

In other cases it can be in the form of substandard care or billing for services that were not provided.   

Gilrain said he doesn’t regret reporting the alleged incidents.

“I couldn’t have lived with myself"

-Kyle J. Gilrain (Cyber Shrink Clinical Supervisor and Therapist)

Source:  NBC News (Aliza Nadi, September 14, 2014)

Common issues that arise in healthcare

Act now to stop patient abuse and neglect.
Act now to report healthcare fraud.

Blowing the whistle on abuse and fraud in healthcare is one of the most sacred duties of therapists and other professionals.   Sadly,  is also a lonely and isolating job.  Being an ethical advocate for patients is sometimes a lonely job, but we are here to support you.  

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