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Frequently Asked Questions

Established in 2001, The Cyber Shrink remains one of the oldest cyber therapy and online therapy platforms.   The Cyber Shrink also follows the highest standards and best practices in the field. 

The Cyber Shrink provides online counseling through HIPAA compliant video conferencing.    All of our therapists are licensed processionals who provide a variety of services.

We provide online individual and group therapy services, clinical supervision for therapists, support for healthcare executives, EAP services, and healthcare whistleblower support.   We also offer online education and training.

Cyber therapy and online counseling through The Cyber Shrink is usually offered at a lower cost than an office visit.  

Our therapy services are provided by fully licensed and/or certified professionals who have been vetted and verified by The Cyber Shrink.  

The Cyber Shrink requires no monthly membership fees.   At The Cyber Shrink you only pay for services that you use.   

Our fees are as follows are set by two primary categories.   These categories are “Clinical Supervisors and Therapists” – or – “Therapists.”   

The fees are currently as follows:


Individual Therapy (45-50 minute session) – $85-125USD

Group therapy (45-50 minute session) – $45 USD

Clinical Supervision for therapists – $120 USD/per hour

Education & Training – cost varies depending on course


Individual Therapy (45-50 minute session) – $85-125USD

Group therapy (45-50 minute session) – $45 USD

Education & Training – cost varies depending on course


All of our video services are private and secure.   Our video conferencing services are HIPAA compliant.  The Cyber Shrink utilizes ZOOM for our video sessions.

The ZOOM Healthcare platform is HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

Cybertherapy can help with a variety of mental health issues.   Each of our therapists has experience treating multiple issues.    Please browse our therapist profiles to determine which therapist has experience in the area that you need.

Cybertherapy is not right for people who are actively suicidal or actively hallucinating or hearing voices.    

The Cyber Shrink does not provide medication or prescriptions for medication.

The Cyber Shrink does not provide prescriptions for medication, medication refills, or medication advice.

Yes.   All of our services are through HIPAA compliant video chat.    

The Cyber Shrink platform believes that chat only platforms lend themselves to problems of miscommunication between therapist and client.  More specifically, chat conversations are more subject to user interpretation than a video platform where non-verbal cues can be seen.  For this reason, it is our belief that video chat is the most efficacious form of online and cyber counseling.   

The therapists who promote services through The Cyber Shrink are licensed practioners in multiple states around the USA.   Each state has different laws and regulations regarding telehealth services.   Many states require disclosure of name, date of birth, and other salient information.

For this reason, The Cyber Shrink asks all users basic background information.   We also believe that this basic identification enables the providers listed on our site to provide the best services to clients.  

The Cyber Shrink does not take any insurance plans for initial payment of services provided.

In some cases, receipts from services provided through our platform can be submitted against your out of network insurance benefits if your personal insurance plan allows this.   Please consult with your insurance company to inquire if they would reimburse you for services provided by the providers who use our platform.    If they do, The Cyber Shrink can provide you a receipt for services you have paid for.   

Requests for receipts must be made during session or within one week  (7 days) of the service date.