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Is Cyber Therapy Right for You?

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They Cyber Shrink Anxiety, Online Counseling

Cyber therapy or online counseling is not always right for everyone.    At the onset, if you are suicidal an online therapy platform is not likely to help and you should call 911 and seek immediate help.   

Cyber therapy or online counseling does have several distinct advantages.    Some of the obvious benefits include: not having to go to an office, not having to deal with parking at an office, and not having to deal with the stigma that potentially comes from being seen seeking therapy services.

It is not always easy for people to make the decision to seek counseling services.   Once the decision is made by an individual to seek services, they face the very real problems of access to care.   The Cyber Shrink seeks to reduce or eliminate the struggle people have seeking access to care.    In many face-to-face clinics there is often a long waiting list for services.    The Cyber Shrink seeks to reduce wait times for services by allowing sessions to be schedule outside of normal business hours and by an expanding network of therapists.

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