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David Aronson LCSW

Medical Marijuana

The Cyber Shrink Medical Marijuana
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Medical Marijuana is new to several states across the country and with such a significant change come many questions.
With recommendations for  young children with severe illness, to adults with PTSD, chronic pain, Tourrette’s, along with a wide host of other chronic conditions, health practitioners are wondering:
“Does this help or harm my patient?”

At the end of the program  the learner will:

 -Be able to comprehend and describe facts about cannabis and its effects on the body, brain and possible medication interactions

  -Be able to describe and comprehend, what and how much patients use for their medical conditions

-Be able to describe and differentiate between medical, recreational, and dependent or problematic cannabis use and apply this knowledge to motivating towards appropriate level of care

Q&A session in the afternoon with a cannabis industry expert!

We will cover the history from antiquity through the present and discuss in depth the theoretical and real world applications of this evolving issue. 
COST:  $99