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Military Members and Veterans: Combating Stress and PTSD with Online Counseling

They Cyber Shrink

Cyber Therapy can benefit people suffering from combat stress and/or PTSD.    Cyber therapy enables people to receive services in an environment that is comfortable for them.  While there are distinct advantages to face-to-face therapy, online counseling has the ability to reach military members and veterans in some of the most remote areas, as well as, in lieu of busy clinics.

Additionally, in their robust research of Veterans healthcare services, Mohr et. al. (2020) broach the issue of poor outcomes in rural clinics and provide some detail and hypothesis regarding the reasons.  Mohr et. al. (2020) state “these volume outcome relationships could be attributable to provider training and experience, staffing, or resource allocation in low-volume facilities.” This research study also details problems with inter-facility transfer and the negative impact of changing providers.

While this research by Mohr et. al. (2020) is heavily focused on emergency services, we believe the therapist – client relationship is paramount to successful mental health treatment outcomes.  Online therapy, such as treatment provided by The Cyber Shrink, enables clients and patients to continue with the same provider or chose a different provider.  The key element here is that it is patient choice and not choice based on facility demands and needs.   We believe this patient choice model promulgates better outcomes.

Reaching out to individuals suffering from combat stress and PTSD is particularly challenging.  We believe that online therapy also lends itself well to engaging challenging populations.   Online therapy can fulfill the needs left by many service gaps with respect to engaging and treating both the active duty and veteran populations.

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