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Personal Profile Information

At the Cyber Shrink you control your own schedule.  You may edit your own profile details, adjust your schedule, and plan days off when you will not be available below.

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The Cyber Shrink and ZOOM

The Cyber Shrink utililzes the ZOOM for Healthcare platform for all sessions.   You must use our zoom account for all sessions provided to clients on this platform.  

Staff training and information

Therapy NOtes Training

We are committed to providing staff resources to help you with understanding how to use our platforms.  Check out this helpful video for using Therapy Notes for adding clinical notes and documents.  

Cultural sensitivity

We are committed to providing culturally sensitive treatment to clients who utilize our platform.   Please check out this video about cultural sensitivity in healthcare.  

Other Helpful Information

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many states are working hard to expand services offered to their residents.   Some states have expedited flexibility in terms of allowing out of state providers to provide services to members in their states.    We will do our best to share these with you.  We will list information here by state.

FLORIDA:   Florida License Info.