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The Near Unlimited Reach of Cyber Therapy

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They Cyber Shrink

Cyber therapy and online counseling truly knows no bounds. As long as there is an internet connection, cyber therapy and online counseling can be completed. This gives mental health treatment unparalleled reach. It is estimated that nearly 50% of the world is online.

Organizations like Contract for the Web endeavor to make the worldwide web truly worldwide. Their three guiding principles include: ensure everyone can connect to the internet, keep all of the internet available all of the time, and respect and protect people’s fundamental online privacy and data rights. As Contract for the Web makes progress toward their goals, it expands the reach of cyber therapy and online counseling.

The ever expanding reach of cyber therapy and online counseling means the expanding availability of mental health services. It is our belief that this can have a profound impact on mental wellness around the world and The Cyber Shrink is proud to be a part of this mental health momentum.

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